Rules & Regulations

Edge Hill Cemetery

604 Hunter Street, Charles Town, WV 25414

Phone – 304-725-2332

Rules and Regulations

1. Artificial flowers are allowed in the cemetery from April 1 through November 1 of each year and may be placed on upright monuments and in permanent vases. Any artificial flowers and/or items left on graves that interfere with mowing will be picked up and discarded by cemetery personnel.

2. Artificial flowers and/or items left for holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Mother Day or Memorial Day will be removed two weeks after each holiday.

3. No planting of trees, flowers, or shrubs are allowed unless discussed with and agreed to by the Cemetery Superintendent.

4. No glass containers of any sort or for any purpose are allowed in the Cemetery. If found, they will be removed immediately.

5. No wire tie-downs of any sort are allowed for any purpose in the cemetery. If found, they will be removed immediately.

6. Wrought iron hooks and crooks are allowed during the mowing season as long as they are directly adjacent to the monument or flat marker.

7. Any object in the cemetery that is considered a safety hazard by the Cemetery Superintendent will be picked up and disposed of immediately.

8. One upright monument is allowed when purchasing two grave spaces. A flat grave marker is required when purchasing a single grave space.

9. The cemetery will not buy back any grave spaces sold.

10. Opening and closing costs paid do not cover the cost of removal of rock encountered during the grave digging process. Prices for rock removal vary depending upon the extent encountered.

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Purchaser/Owner Cemetery Superintendent